Product Feature


         • A patent pending outdoor decking system

         • Three Simple Steps to finish your professional deck

         • Simple & Fast Installation, no need to measure the space between the boards with special design 
         of fixed spacing between clips.

         • Almost Gapless, gap between boards is smaller than the quarter coin. Cannot see the screw, 
         nail, clip or even joist, and keep it safe for your family to enjoy.

 2. Simple and Fast Installation

        A Completely NEW System to install your decking without worrying about the gap, no more 
       measurement, no more tightening jack, no hole pre-drilled, simply you can do it yourself.

 3. Simple Steps

           Step 1 : Line up the first clip and fix the Pro Clips on the joist.

           Step 2 : Insert a locking clip on the slot in the center of the Pro Clip.

           Step 3 : Lay down the deck boards and push the boards down into the clip either by hand or by foot.


 4. Packaging

         All deck boards and parts are packed in one box


 5. One box of  contains: 


         a. 5 x 6’7’’(2.05m) UltraShield Deck Boards
         b. 6 x Pro Clip⑤
         c. 10 x Locking Inserts
         d. 1 x Spacer
         e. 1 x Installation Guide

         Area covers: 15.2 sq ft (1.4 sqm ) per box


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