Product Features

UltraShield® Bench


1. Material:

UltraShield® Bench is made with UltraShield® Capped Composite Material

• Environmentally friendly PE based material with 90% recycling content

• Resistant to color fading, stain, scratch,and weathering

• Very low maintenance

• No mildew & fungus

• No rot

• No splinter

2. Components:

UltraShield® Bench is packed in 2 boxes including the following items.


 Item  Material  Quantity


 Round Corner Slat  UltraShield  4


 Square Slat  UltraShield  5


 Black Steel Tube  Steel with Black Paint  2


 Legs  Nylon Glass Fiber  2


 Back Support Frame  Nylon Glass Fiber  2


 Plastic Fitting  Soft Plastic  4


 Plastic Cap  Soft Plastic  10


 Bolts                                       (M10 x 60mm)  Stainless Steel  4


 Screws                                   (M8 x 50mm)  Stainless Steel  8


 Screws                                   (M4 x 30mm)  Stainless Steel  18


 Hex Key for H                         (S6 x 130mm)  Stainless Steel  1


 Hex Key for I                           (S5 x 120mm)  Stainless Steel  1


A  Round Corner Slat

B  Square Slat

C  Black Steel Tube

D  Legs

E  Back Support Frame

F  Plastic Fitting

G  Plastic Cap

H  Bolts (M10 x 60mm)

K  Hex Key for H (S6 x 130mm)

I  Screws (M8 x 50mm)

L  Hex Key for I (S5 x 120mm)

J  Screws (M4 x 30mm)



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